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Mission Statement

​This Association is formed in order that it may solve the problems of common interest, cultivate and maintain friendly and mutual cooperation with each other and to care for and maintain the Common Properties held in the name of White Meadow Lake and Country Club, Inc. and to insure and preserve the present and future character and welfare of the Community heretofore established and promote participation of its members in select Social, Athletic, Cultural and Civic Activities and to maintain a high standard for the properties situated in the community known as White Meadow Lake.

Organization Overview

The Country Club
The White Meadow Lake and Country Club, Inc., holds title to all common properties. (See map) It also holds the liquor license and maintains accountability on the operation of the Clubhouse bar. There is no budget for these specific operations.

The Country Club has no Constitution of its own. Under corporate structure requirements, meetings are held annually to elect officers and a Board of Directors. Only those who hold stock in the Country Club can vote or hold office. In addition to electing officers and directors for the calendar year (usually the same officers and directors elected by the Property Owners Association), the stockholders ratify the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association as applicable to Country Club operations.

Retention Of Legal Counsel

Mr. Fred Semaru has been retained as attorney by White Meadow Lake Property Owners Association since 2005. Mr. Semaru attends every monthly Board Meeting and if needed Special Meetings where his expertise is sought throughout the entire year.
Previously Mr. Joseph Gordon was retained as attorney by White Meadow Lake Property Owners Association. Mr. Gordon attended every monthly Board Meeting and held Special Meetings since 1950. Mr. Gordon retired December 2006. The presence of Mr. Gordon as legal counsel during all those years has given us a continuity that has simplified the legal process.

Mr. Gordon's familiarity with the philosophy that was the basis for the constitution has been a source of much help to succeeding Counsel, Boards of Directors, and Officers of the P.O.A.


All persons who own property in White Meadow Lake are automatically members of the Property Owners Association. Each person who has a deed and has paid the additional charges required receives a certificate for one share of stock in the White Meadow Lake and Country Club for each lot owned.

In the Property Owners Association, the Constitution confers voting rights and common property use privileges by membership regulations. Membership is automatic either through the possession of a deed or a contract to purchase property in White Meadow Lake. To be in good standing a member must not be in arrears in the payment of one's dues.

Membership Classifications
Under the terms of the deeds, agreements, and the Constitution of the Association, membership privileges can be limited to the immediate family of the White Meadow Lake property owners.

However, privileges have always been extended to those closely associated with the immediate families. To assure this, the Board defines different types of memberships. Those described below are typical.

Full Membership
Full membership covers the Home Owner and their immediate family residing in the premises, or the Lot Owner and their immediate family. The immediate family consists of the homeowners' spouse, their unmarried children, their parents, and their unmarried grandchildren regularly residing with them. Full membership entitles the homeowners and their family, as defined above, to all the rights and privileges to use the common properties of the Association. Full membership also entitles every member in good standing to obtain an identification badge for the homeowners and members of the immediate family as defined above. This badge allows the member access to the common properties. Full membership also entitles every member in good standing to participation in all POA -sponsored sports and activities. In addition, they are entitled to the use of all Country Club facilities including but not limited to camp, preschool, instructional classes and social functions.

Full membership also entitles every member in good standing to receive the prescribed number of guest passes for the season, good for the beaches and other facilities, to be used by nonresident guests only. Full membership includes the right to vote and to serve on the Board of Directors.

Associate Membership
All persons other than the immediate family habitually residing in the household of the member may be eligible for an associate membership for a specified sum per person per year, including adults and children.

Associate members have all rights of a full membership except attending constitutionally prescribed meetings, voting and holding office. They do not receive the free guest passes.

Lot Owner Membership
Lot owners are granted lot owner membership upon payment of their lot owner dues and receive identification badges for the lot owners and members of their immediate family. The immediate family consists of the lot owners' unmarried children. Lot owners do not receive free guest passes and do not have the right to vote or run for office.
Lot owners in good standing who elect to pay the full homeowners dues in lieu of the lot owners dues are entitled to full membership privileges as defined above in the year for which such full homeowners dues shall be paid.

Rentee Associate Members
Homeowners in good standing may be permitted to rent their homes with Association privileges with reference to the common properties of the Association as enjoyed under full membership upon payment of the current year's full membership dues.

Guest passes will be issued to the tenant only, upon payment of the rentee fee. The property owner of the rented property will receive badges for his immediate family (as defined above) but no guest passes.

Rentees who are lot owners are subject to the rentee fee mentioned above, unless they elect to pay full homeowners dues in lieu of lot owners dues.

Joint Ownership
Where a holding is owned by two separate family units residing under one roof, one of the owners of record must become a full member and has all the rights of a full membership including attendance at meetings, voting and holding office in the Association. The other owner or owners are eligible for an Associate membership as defined above upon payment of the proper dues.

Officers and Directors

Under the present Constitution, members elect four officers for a one-year term: the President, two Vice Presidents, and a Treasurer. Twelve other directors are elected for three-year terms, one-third of this number being elected each year. The immediate Past President is an additional Board member with full voting rights. The Secretary is elected annually by the Board members from their own body.

This total of 17 members is known as the Board of Directors. The Board meets regularly each month at the Clubhouse. The time and date of each meeting are announced in the White Meadow Lake newsletter. The meetings are open to all. Nine members form a quorum; also nine affirmative votes are required for any board action. The governing body sets dues based on a budget approved by the membership, expected income and the number of members in the Association at the time. It collects dues, hires and supervises employees, expends monies for salaries, equipment,maintenance and improvements. It approves committees appointed by the President to help carry out these functions and also the social, cultural and civic aims of the community.

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