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2024 Explanation of the Dues​

Dues for a full membership shall be the sum of $895.00 per home for the year of 2024. This full membership shall cover the homeowner and members of their immediate family as defined by the WML constitution and the administrative guidelines. Full membership entitles the homeowner and his family to all the rights and privileges to use the Common Properties of the Association. Upon payment of full membership dues for each home and lot owned, the homeowner in good standing shall receive identification badges for the homeowner and members of their immediate family.  These badges allow the members access to the Common Properties. Full membership shall also entitle every member in good standing to participation in all POA sponsored sports and activities.  In addition, they are entitled to use of all Country Club facilities including, but not limited to, Camp, Preschool, Instructional Classes and Social Functions. Full membership shall also entitle every member in good standing to receive the prescribed number of Guest Passes (30 passes per home) for the current season, good for the beaches and other facilities, to be used by NON-RESIDENT GUESTS ONLY.  Full membership includes the right to vote (one vote per home) and serve on the Board of Directors.

Persons other than the immediate family habitually residing in the household of a member in good standing are eligible for associate membership.  The Associate membership rate is a per-person rate equal to 25% of the full membership rate and is charged for each adult and/or child.  Associate members shall have all rights of a full membership except that of attending constitutionally prescribed meetings, voting, the right to hold office and shall not receive the free guest passes.

Dues rate for lot ownership is 25% of the full membership rate.  A lot owner shall receive identification badges for the lot owner and members of their immediate family.  This membership entitles the lot owner to use the Common Properties only. On an annual basis, Lot owners may opt to pay the full homeowners dues, in lieu of the lot owners’ dues, in order to receive full membership privileges as defined above in number 1.

A tenant renting a home from a member in good standing where the member has not elected to transfer their rights is eligible for associate membership.

Homeowners in good standing may transfer their membership privileges annually (except that of attending constitutionally prescribed meetings, voting, and the right to hold office) to a rentee of their WML home.  The transfer must be in writing on file with the WML office.  The rentee’s family becomes entitled to full membership privileges (except that of attending constitutionally prescribed meetings, voting, and the right to hold office) including a set of guess passes.  The owner of the rented property would no longer be entitled to any of the privileges associated with ownership of this home but retains the rights to attend constitutionally prescribed meetings, vote, and the right to hold office in the year that the privileges were transferred.  Additional people living in the same house as the rentee’s family would be eligible for associate memberships as described above.

Where a home (dwelling unit) is owned by more than one family (family units), only one of the owners of record must become a FULL MEMBER and shall have all the rights of a FULL MEMBERSHIP including attendance at meetings, voting and office holding in the Association. The other owner or owners shall be eligible for an ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP as defined above upon payment of the proper dues.

Members in good standing, or those who have received a transfer of membership privileges, may purchase additional guest passes for the use of the Common Properties of the Association to be used by NON-RESIDENT GUESTS.  Guest passes, good for the entire day, may be obtained for the sum of $2.00 each. Passes will be available for purchase in the Clubhouse upon presentation of the proper credentials.

No member of the Association shall be entitled to receive more than one set of identification badges.  Retakes for lost badges will be made at a cost of $10.00 per person, not to exceed $25.00 per family.   Members are encouraged to re-use their prior year’s badge.  A sticker will be applied to the badge for the current year.  Any member presenting a prior year’s badge that is not considered to be satisfactory will be issued a new badge at no charge.

There is a one-time registration fee of $200.00 to new homeowners in White Meadow Lake.  The money collected covers the processing of paperwork and the transfer of the stock certificate.

Dues must be paid by all property owners in White Meadow Lake.  Members who own more than one home or lot in White Meadow Lake are obligated to pay dues for each property.  All dues, assessments and any other fees must be current on all properties in order for the property owner to be considered in good standing.

Effective January 1, 2021, when a home is constructed or an existing home is purchased, a property owner must pay a one-time Equalization Fund Fee of $1,000.00. The money collected via this assessment is put into a separate fund and is used for the repair and/or replacement of existing facilities or equipment of common properties. This fee is exclusive of the $200.00 registration fee described above. Homeowners who sell their home in White Meadow Lake and then purchase a new home in White Meadow Lake within one year are not assessed this equalization fee.

All fees both legal and processing incurred in the collection of dues or the processing of liens, will be the responsibility of the Homeowner and are defined as additional dues.
Revised 12/14/2011
In October 2012, the board passed a new late fee policy.  Instead of using a percentage rate to calculate late fees, the new policy is a flat fee of $5 per month.  As per our constitution: a) dues are due and payable on January 1st, and b) Members who have not paid their dues in full by May 1st are considered to no longer be in good standing.  To be consistent with our constitution, there will be a 4-month grace period (January through April) where the late fee will not be applied as long as the Dues are paid in full by May 1st.  A homeowner who pays their dues after May 1st will immediately incur a late fee of $25 ($5 for each month from January through May) and $5 per month thereafter including future years.

**The fee is applied independently for each year and stays on the account until the dues are paid in full.

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