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The following are the results from this year’s election & ballot question:

President: Mike Ilardi-289 votes

Bill Malzahn- 149 votes

1st VP: Roger Crook-379 votes

2nd VP: Glen Katz-385 votes

Treasurer: Joanne Machalaba-388 votes

3 year term Directors seats:

Michelle Cromwell-332 votes

Mike Stocknoff-318 votes

Barry Silbiger-311 votes

Beverly Nemiroff-254 votes

Tom Garvey-229 votes

Top 4 votes made the POA Board

Ballot question:

Did not pass. Needed 2/3 of the votes.

Yes-278 votes

No - 181 votes

Needed 306 yes’s to pass


Total ballot votes were 460, total ballot question votes were 459.

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